Baseball Firsts – Manny, A-Rod and Barry Bonds

May 11, 2009

lewinI am a huge baseball fan.  Well, to be specific, I am a huge Boston Red Sox fan.  So it seems only fitting that the first book I talk about in my new blog is about baseball.  This one is a paperback published in April 2007.  Josh Lewin also wrote “Getting in the Game” and was a Fox baseball commentator.

He interviewed more than 100 players about their debuts in the big leagues for this fascinating book.  Among the notable players are A-Rod, Barry Bonds and Manny Ramirez.  Anybody who is following the recent news about these three and steroid use will want to read this book!  (As a Red Sox fan let me just say that we are more grateful for Jason Bay every day!)

This isn’t the type of book you’d want to sit down and read through but it’s a great book to pick up when you just have a few minutes, or when you get curious about your favorite players.  It is a welcome diversion from the current bad news about steroids, suspensions, tell-all books, and court cases.

Get it at my Amazon store!


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